The scientific and production enterprise LTD "SPE “ ALFARUS is a manufacturer of chemical reagents and offers your enterprise ALL necessary for your control and analytical laboratory. The products of our company comply with the regulatory and technical documentation in force in Ukraine.

Any packaging is possible

If you did not find what you need on our list, do not worry - call us and we will help you. Our enterprise makes reagents with the given parameters upon the order. Do you Need Imported Reagents? We will deliver.


Attention!!! There is a flexible system of discounts


Delivery time from 1 to 25 days, depending on the complexity of the order. The item is shipped after 100% prepayment, however:

- if you plan to order one or another type of product on our regular basis, you need to submit an official order and we will start work for you after 50% prepayment;

- If you are our regular customer, then some types of products may be delivered with postpone payment upon agreement.

We can send you a finished order by carrier, Ukrposhta, etc. by Your choice. When ordering from 5000 UAH. and above, as well as to regular customers, it is possible to deliver in Kyiv by means and transport of an enterprise.

Toxic and poisonous substances, flammable and explosive substances, precursors –


WARNING!!! The above-mentioned substances are not released to private individuals! The release of precursors is possible only with a license

Indicators and dyes








Amido Black 10B

Azure I

Azure II

Azure-Eosin by Romanovsky

Azure-Eosin by Romanovsky (in solution)

Brilliant green

Bromocresol green a/s

Bromocresol green w/s

Bromocresol purple w/s

Bromophenol blue

Bromophenol red a/s

Bromophenol red w/s

Bromotymol blue a/s

Bromotymol blue w/s

Chromotropic acid disodium salt

Congo  red

Cresol red a/s

Crystal violet


Dithizone (diphenylthiocarbazone)

Eosin P

Eosin S

Eriochrome black (chromogen black T)

Eriochrome blue SE


Fuchsin alkaline

Fucin acid

Indigo carmine

Malachite green

Methyl  orange

Methyl blue w/s

Methyl green

Methyl red a/s

Methyl red w/s

Methylene blue

Methylene green


Neutral red


Nitroso R salt

Phenol red a/s

Phenol red w/s


Rhodamine C (B)

Rhodamine J

Sudan I

Sudan II

Sudan III

Sudan IV

Thimol blue a/s

Thimol blue w/s


Xylenol orange

Paper indicator universal 0-12 100 strips

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